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Born in Detroit, MI on November 2nd Andre "Fly Boi Peeples " Peeples. Growing up on the world's famous 8 Mile Fly Boi had to learn how to survive in a neighborhood surrounded by drugs and violence where only the strongest survive. Throughout his life Fly Boi gained popularity by being a two sport star in Detroit (Football & Basketball) which later took him to Buffalo, NY. After a fast start in sports things took a bad turn when Fly Boi was stabbed multiple times and saw his life flash before his eyes. Through life taught lessons, hardships and adversity Fly Boi Peeples was born by telling his story through music. Releasing the "Peeples Story" in 2013 he brought a old school soul to the rap game. With this old school his has steadily built a following creating a label and movement called "Do Something". Fly Boi is has just finished working on his much anticipated 2nd project PEEPLES CHOICE "THE BAG"

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